Are You Teaching Your Own Second Grader At Home?

Is your second grader being kept at home during this current health crisis? If so, it might be that your child's school has sent work to be done at home. Or, like some schools in the nation, the word might have been given that school is now over for this school year. Another scenario is that your child might not have been given enough work to keep him or her busy. 

No matter the scenario, maybe you have decided to fill your child's days with extra learning experiences. Do you already have a plan for that? If so, you don't need to read another word. However, maybe you are looking for ideas that will help you be successful as your child's second grade teacher. If that's the case, read on for some ideas that might be a big help.

Know That Reading Is An Important Key - Think about the fact that reading is the gateway to almost all other learning. If you strengthen your child's reading skills during this time, you'll be doing him or her a huge favor that will affect his or her life forever. 

Order reading games that build comprehension. In addition, order vocabulary and spelling worksheets that will strengthen your child's reading skills. Fortunately, second grade reading curriculums that will be easy for you to follow and to adapt to home use have already been planned. The bonus is that they are very affordable.

The Magic Tree House series and classics like Little Women that are written on a second grade level will be fun reading for your child. The Year of Billy Miller, Dory Fantasmagory and Frog and Toad Are Friends are other good choices. If your child is a dog lover, he or she will love Hero and Clifford The Big Red Dog. 

Add Your Own Reading Touches - Think of other ways you can strengthen your child's reading skills at home. For instance, cook with your child. Encourage him or her to read the recipe as you cook together. Show your child a fun picture from a magazine and ask him or her to write a story about that picture. For instance, maybe you'll find a picture that depicts a child in a playground. Ask your child to write a story about what that child will do when he or she meets a new friend. 

Read together as a family, too. Choose something like The Yearling or the Harry Potter books. Give your child the opportunity to take a turn at reading the book out loud. 

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