How Preschool Helps Socialize Misbehaving Only Children

Having an only child can be an enriching experience because parents can lavish all of their love and attention on one person. However, these children may struggle without siblings and end up misbehaving as a result. Thankfully, preschool can help to socialize these young ones and make it easier for them to act appropriately. 

Misbehaving Young Children Can Be Hard to Manage

Parents of an only child may find that their son or daughter struggles to behave the way that other children their age behave. Unfortunately, this problem may happen in families with only children because they don't have siblings with whom they can interact. As a result, they may end up struggling to engage with others positively and may misbehave as a way of getting attention.

This type of behavior isn't uncommon in young children because they react to any attention that they can get. And getting yelled at — while not fun — is at least some sort of attention. All of these reactions are unconscious, and the child usually has no idea why they misbehave. As a result, it may be critical for parents to reach out to professionals, like a preschool, to help their child adjust positively.

How Preschool May Help

Parents of children who struggle to behave may want to consider preschool as a tremendous preparatory step before they go to K-12 school. Preschool focuses heavily on teaching children proper behavior, such as how to act among their peers. It can also find out why a child is misbehaving, such as a need for attention. Instead of giving that child negative attention, they can redirect them positively.

For example, preschool teachers can praise a misbehaving child when they act appropriately and try to integrate them into activities that require them to behave. As the child finds that good behavior gets attention, they may be more likely to start acting correctly. Just as importantly, they may see how their peers get positive attention for behaving and try to emulate them to get the same results.

This type of role modeling is common in preschool and serves as a way of getting a child to understand their place in a group. As a result, preschool is an good choice for those only children who have trouble controlling their behavior. Regular attendance can be particularly beneficial because the child's good behaviors can be further reinforced and help them become a model student.

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